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Sparsey Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Gosford and Water Eaton

Historical Forms

  • Spareweseyam c.1130–50 Os
  • Sperueseiam 1143 OxonCh
  • Spareweseie c.1160 OxonCh
  • Sparesweseye 1154–63 Os
  • Spareweseya 1145–7 Os late13th
  • Spareweseye 1183–5 Os


Sparsey Bridge (6″) is so named 1797 Davis. It takes name from Spareweseyam c. 1130–50 Os, Sperueseiam 1143 OxonCh, Spareweseie c. 1160 OxonCh, Sparesweseye 1154–63 Os, Spareweseya 1145–7 (late 13th) Os, Spareweseye 1183–5 Os. The meaning may be 'island frequented by sparrows' (v. (ī)eg), but the first element is probably in the genitive singular, and may be a personal name. The synonymous pinnock occurs several times in field-names as a personal name or a surname, v. 64.

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