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Major Settlement in the Parish of Winkburn

Historical Forms

  • Wicheburne (sic) 1086 DB
  • Winkeburn(a) c.1150 Dane
  • Hospitaliorum Winkeburn(a) 1185 P 1330 Ass
  • Wincheburna 1167 P
  • Wynckeburn 1332 SR
  • Winkerburn' 1188 P
  • Winkelburn 13th Rufford
  • Wingeburne 1275 RH


Probably 'Wineca 's stream,' v. burna , with irregular forms Winker -, Winkel -. For the personal name cf. Winkfield (Berks), Winecanfeld (BCS 1127). We might perhaps take Winker - and Winkel - as the more correct forms, going back to OE  wincelburna , 'stream with nooks and corners in it,' and Scandinavianising of winch (el ) to wink (el ), but that seems less probable.The present-day name of the stream—The Wink —is clearly a back-formation, v. supra 9. Hospitaliorum from the holding of the knights of St John.

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