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Roe Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Winkburn

Historical Forms

  • nemus quod vocatur Rahage t.Hy2 Ch 1316 Holtzmann 1156
  • proprestura de Rahage 1184 P 13th Rufford
  • grangia quae dicitur Rahaga c.1175 Holtzmann
  • Rahage Wodehouse early13th BM
  • Rohagh(e) 1285 Ch 1330 Ass 1335 For 1339 FF 1535 VE 1537 LP
  • Rohawe 1302 FA
  • Rohaugh 1377 Ass
  • Roghagh 1346 FA
  • Roghagh in Winkburn 1533–8 ECP
  • Roohawe 1437 BM
  • Rughagh in Winkburn 1533–8 ECP
  • Roughagh t.Hy8 Rental
  • Roe Wood c.1825 O.S.


This name is identical in origin with Rawhaw Wood (PN Nth 176), a compound of either OE  ra, 'roe' and haga, 'enclosure,' etc. or possibly of the cognate ON words and hagi . In PN Nth the Nottinghamshire name was identified with Roehoe Wood in Widmerpool infra 258, but the contexts show that in all the above citations the references are to Winkburn parish.

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