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Boyse Manor

Early-attested site in the Parish of Rollesby

Historical Forms

  • Boys manor 1535 VE
  • Boys in Rollesby 1535 ib
  • Boyse manor 1565 AD


Boyse Manor, Boys manor 1535 VE, Boys in Rollesby 1535 ib, Boyse manor 1565 AD. The Boys family was in possession of this property in the early 15th cent. Cf. John Bois 1420 (Blomefield XI184). Brian Bois decreed that his body should be buried before the altar of St George in his will dated 1483 (ib ). For the Boyses, v. also Blomefield VI 9, XI 43. Both OG  Boyo and OE  *boi(a) 'boy, servant' have been suggested as the origin of this family name; v. Forssner s.n.Boia , Hjerstedt s.n. Boy , Reaney s.n. Boyes , and discussion of Boythorp in Bacton and Boyland in North Walsham, Tunstead Hundred infra .