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Stonton Wyville

Major Settlement in the Parish of Stonton Wyville

Historical Forms

  • Stantone 1086 DB
  • Stanton c.1130 LeicSurv l.12 ShR 1220 MHW 1623,1727 LML
  • Estantona 1190×1204 France
  • Staunton(e) 1230 RHug 1232 Cur 1549,1633 Ipm
  • Stonton 1306 Hazlerigg e.14 ShR 1439 Peake 1452 ShR 1609 Bru 1639 ISLR
  • Stonton Wivill als. Stonton Brudenell 1606 Bru
  • Stonton Brudenell 1637 ib
  • ~ Wyvile 1265 Misc
  • ~ Wivell' 1268 Cl
  • ~ Brudenell 1606,1609,1637 Bru
  • Thomas de Wyvill in 1240 RGros
  • Robert Wyvyll in 1417 Fine
  • John Wyvell in 1507 Ipm


'The farmstead, village on stony ground', v. stān , tūn . Robertus de Wivele held the manor in 1230 RHug, with Thomas de Wyvill in 1240 RGros and so through to Robert Wyvyll in 1417 Fine. The tomb of William Wyvile (d.1452) stands in the parish church, while the manor is recorded as being recently in the hands of John Wyvell in 1507 Ipm. The Brudenell family of Deene obtained the manor in 1533 and their family memorials are also to be found in the church: that of Edmund Brudenell (d.1590), of Thomas Brudenell (d.1661) and of another Thomas Brudenell (d.1707).