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Major Settlement in the Parish of Teddington

Historical Forms

  • Teotting(c)tun 780 BCS236 11th ASChartxlvi 969 11th
  • Teotingtun 780 HMC(1911)202 c.1000
  • Teotintun 964 BCS1135 12th DB 1086
  • to Teodintune 969,977(11th) KCD552,617
  • Teothinctun, Theotinctun 11 Heming
  • Đeotinctun 1052–6 KCD805
  • Tetintona c.1086 EveA
  • Tedinton(a), Tedynton(a) c.1086 EveB 1201 Cur 1291 Tax 1327 SR 1363 Ass 1678 Beckford
  • Tedington(a) 1246 FF
  • Totinton 1202 Cur
  • Todinton' 1203 Cur 1221 Eyre
  • Teddington 1426 IpmR 1709 PR


'Farmstead associated with Teotta', v. -ing 4 , tūn , cf. Wo 168. The OE  pers.n. Teot (t )a is not recorded except in this and other p.ns. like Tettenhall (St), OE  Teotanheale (ASC s.a. 910), but it would be, like the alternative Tēoda which appears in some of the spellings and indeed is the one that persisted, a hypocoristic form of such OE  pers.ns. as Þēodbald , Þēodrīc , etc., though most names in Þēod - are of OG origin. Teot (t )a or Tēoda could in fact be a pet-form of the name of the Þēodbald who gave his name to the Tibble Stone (infra ) which is less than ½ mile away.