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North Nibley

Major Settlement in the Parish of North Nibley

Historical Forms

  • to Hnibban lege 940 BCS764 12th
  • Nubelee, Nubeleg', Nubelei, Nubel' 1189 GlastonInq 1199 FF 1199–1216 Berk 1221 Eyre 1248 Ass
  • Nubbelei(a), Nubbeleg(e), Nubbelegh, Nubbeley(e) 1200 Berk 1221 Ass 1273 FF 1287 Ass 1444 Cl
  • Nibeleg' 1248 Ass
  • Nibbeleg(h), Nibbeley 1248 Ass 1441 MinAcct 1492 Ipm
  • Niblega, Nyblega, Nybley c.1250 Berk 1467 IpmR Eliz Surv
  • North Nybley 1522 FF 1542 Berk
  • Nebbeleye 1362 Ass
  • Neb(b)ule 1374 Ipm
  • Nebley 1476 Ipm


In BCS 764 we also have ofer nybban beorh in the bounds of Wotton under Edge and this is the name of the lofty hill at Nibley Knoll and Brackenbury Ditches on the boundary of North Nibley and Wotton. The names mean 'clearing near the peak' and 'the peak hill' (v. lēah , beorg ), the first el. being, as Ekwall indicated, an OE  *hnybba or *hnybbe 'nib, point, peak' (v. hnybba in EPN i, 254). It is called 'North' to distinguish it from Nibley (iii, 68infra ). There is a third Nibley in Awre (iii, 252infra ).