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Lower Rea, Middle Rea & Upper Rea, Rea Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hempsted

Historical Forms

  • apud Reye 1287 Ass
  • la Ree, le Ree, the Ree 1535 VE 1545 LP 1630,1637 Inq
  • Lower Ree, Middle Ree, Ree Bridge 1830 M


Lower Rea, Middle Rea & Upper Rea, Rea Bridge, apud Reye 1287Ass , la Ree , le Ree , the Ree 1535 VE, 1545 LP, 1630, 1637 Inq. Lower Ree , Middle Ree , Ree Bridge 1830 M. These refer to three streams running into the Severn and the name is from ME  atter ē (OE  æt þǣre ēa ) 'at the stream', wrongly analysed as atte ; v. atter , ēa , Phonol. § 45.

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