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Early-attested site in the Parish of Hempsted

Historical Forms

  • Podesmed(e) 1291 Tax 1292 Ch 1539 LP
  • Poddesmeade 1543 MinAcct 1551 GlR
  • Pudsmeade 1584 Comm
  • Podgmead 1779 Rudder


Podsmead, Podesmed (e )1291 Tax, 1292 Ch, 1539 LP, Poddesmeade 1543MinAcct , 1551 GlR, Pudsmeade 1584Comm , Podgmead 1779 Rudder. Probably 'Podd's meadow', v. mǣd (cf. Monk Meadow 140supra ). An OE  pers.n. Podd would be a strong form of the recorded Podda , which Redin 107 connects with dial. pod 'little person', pud 'plump child', and ME pode 'toad'; the latter word is also to be thought of for Podsmead. On the form Podg - cf. Phonol. § 440).