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The Gale

Early-attested site in the Parish of Ham & Stone

Historical Forms

  • le Gale, lez Gale 1493,1506 Pat 1514 Berk
  • pisc' de la Gale 1516 MinAcct
  • the Gale 1543 Berk
  • Gale in Sabrina 1575 TRMB


The Gale (lost), le Gale , lez Gale 1493, 1506 Pat, 1514 Berk, pisc ' de la Gale 1516MinAcct , the Gale 1543 Berk, Gale in Sabrina 1575TRMB . This is the name of a Severn fishery and doubtless derived from e.ModE  gale , supposedly a contraction of OE  gafol2 'tax'; it is used particularly in this area for a toll on fish (cf. also Govelffysshyng 237 infra ) and in the Forest of Dean of 'a mining royalty, a plot of land with mining rights' (NED s.v.). The Gale is 'a fishery paying dues to the lord'.