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Early-attested site in the Parish of Cranham

Historical Forms

  • Climperwell(e), Clymperwell(e) 13 Flax 1287 Ass 1291 Tax 1622 FF
  • Climpwell 1221 Ass
  • Crimpewell 1221 Plea
  • Clomperwelle 1306 Ass
  • Cl(e)ympourwel(le) 1448,1494 MinAcct
  • Cl(e)ympourwel(le) pole 1449 ib


This spring is the source of the R. Frome. It seems to be a compound of OE  clympre 'a lump of metal' and wella, but its significance is not known; clympre survives as dial. clumper 'a clod, a clot, a lump or mass' and as the verb clumper 'to clot, congeal'. The pool or stagnum referred to in 1449 still remains below the spring.