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Guttridge Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Weeley

Historical Forms

  • Crostwic 1230 Ch
  • Croftwyz 1261 FF
  • Crostwiz 1278 Cl
  • Crostwych 1298 Misc
  • Crustwic(k) 1276,1312 Ipm
  • Crustwic(k) al. Crustick 1580 M
  • Crustwich(e) 1316 Ch 1462 Pat
  • Crustwyche 1548 FF
  • Curstwyche 1473 Pat
  • Crusteswychehall 1488 Ct
  • Custerige 1555 FF
  • Costriche 1574 Recov
  • Custridge hall 1594 N
  • Crushwicke Hall Manor 1580 Tendring
  • Crustwic otherwise named Cattridge, Custard-hall, Custridge and Guttridge-hall 1768 M
  • Crustescroft t.Ed1 Bart


This is a difficult name. The first element would seem to be a hitherto unknown cr st. Professor Ekwall suggests that this may be related to Goth kriustan , 'to gnash,' and perhaps mean 'gravel' or the like. Cf. grēot , 'gravel,' from a root meaning 'to grind, pulverise.' It should be noted that crust could be used as a personal name in this county. One Swano Crust had land in Dunton (1270 FF) and we have land in Dunton called Crustescroft (t. Ed 1 Bart).

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