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Early-attested site in the Parish of Willerby

Historical Forms

  • Stac(s)tone 1086 DB
  • Staxtun, Staxton(a) 1086 DB 1180–95 Bridl 1219 Ass 1583 FF
  • Staxetona 12th Whitby
  • Stawxston 1565 FF


Staxton is Stac (s )tone 1086 DB, Staxtun , Staxton (a )1086 DB, 1180–95 Bridl, 1219Ass et passim to 1583 FF, Staxetona 12th Whitby, Stawxston 1565 FF. 'Stakk 's farmstead,' v. tun . The first element is the OScand  nickname Stakkr found in some Norw place-names and, as Dr Knudsen points out, in the Dan place-name Stagstrup (olim Staxstrop ). Stax - represents the OScand  gen. Stakks .

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