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Early-attested site in the Parish of Willerby

Historical Forms

  • Binneton, Bigneton 1086 DB
  • Benington', Benyngton' 1194 P early13th Bridl 1316 NomVill 1332 SR 1404 YI 1555 BM
  • Benigton 1283 Pat
  • Beniton 1285 KI
  • Bennyton 1366,1586 FF
  • Binington(a), Binyngton(a) 12th,13th Bridl 1240 FF 1376 Percy
  • Binington(a) in Harfor(t)hlyth c.1325,1328 Percy
  • Bininton 1276 Pat
  • Bynigton juxta Galmeton 1313 Percy
  • Binnington' 1242–3 Fees


The forms with Ben - are common enough to make it likely that Binnington is from a pers. name Ben (n )a with raising of e to i before a point consonant or nasal as in Bridlington supra 100. On this pers. name cf. Bengeworth, PN Wo 95, and Benningholme supra 46. v. ingtun .

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