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Early-attested site in the Parish of Welwick

Historical Forms

  • Plughelande 1540 NCWills
  • Plowland 1555 FF
  • Plewland 1579 FF 1610 Speed


Ploughland is Plughelande 1540 NCWills, Plowland 1555et freq FF, Plewland 1579 FF, 1610 Speed. This is late OE  plogaland 'a measure of land' (v. NED s.v. ploughland and W.H. Stevenson in EHR xxvii, 111) and may in point of fact be one of the ij plogaland on þorp mentioned in Cnut's grant of Patrington in 1033 (YCh 8). This last reference carries back the history of the word ploughland some 250 years.

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