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South Cave

Major Settlement in the Parish of South Cave

Historical Forms

  • Cave, Caue 1086 DB
  • Cave, Caue, Kave t.Hy2 YD 1154–60 RegAlb 1173 1529 FF
  • Marched Cave 12th Pat 1314
  • Suth Cave, South Cave 1228 Pat 1246 Ass 1523 Test
  • Cava, Kava, Kaua 12th Byland 1119–25 RegAlb 1202 FF
  • Marca Kava 1156,1173 YCh186,197
  • Sut Kava 1260 YD
  • Cova 1212 Cur
  • Cawe 1280,1283 Ebor
  • South Cayf 1579 YD
  • Marchiat (12th Warter)


Professor Ekwall has suggested that South Cave and North Cave infra 224 are derived from OE  cāf 'swift, quick,' used as a stream-name (cf. Anderson 17). Presumably the stream called by this name is that now known as Mires Beck, which flows with rapid course from the Wolds through North Cave and which is joined by Cave Beck (supra 2) less than a mile from South Cave village. The transference of the stream-name to the village is paralleled by Skerne supra 155. South Cave is called Marched -, Marca - from its market (ME  market , marked , etc.), mentioned as Marchiat (12thWarter ).

Places in the same Parish

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