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Early-attested site in the Parish of South Cave

Historical Forms

  • Baggeflet(e) 12th Warter c.1160 Malton 1231 FF
  • Bagflete 1371 Works 1466 NCWills
  • Bagfflete 1379 Poll


Bagletts (6″) is Baggeflet (e )12thWarter , c. 1160Malton , 1231 FF, Bagflete 1371 Workset freq to 1466 NCWills, Bagfflete 1379 Poll. v. fleot . Bagletts is less than a mile from the Humber and fleot may refer to an inlet of which traces are still visible at low tide or to one of the two streams, Crabley Beck and Mill Beck.There is nothing in the topography to suggest that the first element is not the OE  pers. name Bacga or OScand  Baggi .

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