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Major Settlement in the Parish of Kirkburn

Historical Forms

  • Tipetorp 1086 DB 1166 P
  • Tibetorp 1086 DB
  • Tibethorp(e), Tybethorp(e) 1274,1301 YI 1339 FF 1352 Ipm 1362 Extent
  • Tibthorp(e), Tybthorp(e) 1285 KI 1543 FF
  • Tybthroppe 1565 FF
  • Tybbethorp(e) c.1300 Guisb 1316 NomVill


'Tibbe 's village,' v. þorp . A pers. name Tibbi is not recorded in OScand, but such a name enters into the parallel Danish place-name Tibberup (DaSN(F) 12); it is probably a shortened form of OEScand  Tibiorn . Cf. also OE  Tibba (a shortened form of Tilbeorht or the like, Redin 70), which is also possible here.In Tipetorp medial b has been unvoiced before the voiceless consonant th .

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