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Major Settlement in the Parish of Kirkburn

Historical Forms

  • Austburne, Augustburne 1086 DB
  • Estbrunne 1274 YI 1293 QW 1367 Pat
  • Estbronne 1360 FF
  • Estbrune 1401 YI
  • Estburn(e) 1316 NomVill 1352 Ipm 1559 FF
  • Estburn(e) als. Esborne 1567 FF


Eastburn, Battleburn and Kirkburn (infra 166–7) all stand on Eastburn Beck, alongside which there are several springs, especially between Battleburn and Eastburn and in Kirkburn itself. Southburn (infra 167) is on an affluent stream, Southburn Beck. 'East spring or stream,' v. austr , east , burna , brunnr . It is difficult to say whether these names are English or Scandinavian. On August - cf. IPN 99.

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