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Major Settlement in the Parish of Hutton Cranswick

Historical Forms

  • Rotesse 1086 DB 1285 KI 1509 Test
  • Rotese 13th,1348 Guisb 1290 YI
  • Rotesse 1285 KI
  • Rottese 1204 Ass t.Hy3 BM 1260 Ch c.1362 Works
  • Rotse 1210–20 Melsa 1378 Baildon 1408 BM
  • Rottsey als. Rottyssey 1577 FF
  • Ratsey 1606,1616 FF 1610 Speed


Of the several possibilities for this name the more likely are OE  hrot 'scum' or ME  rot 'rot, decayed matter' (of Scandinavian origin, possibly found in some of the Norwegian river-names Rotoa , Rottaas , etc., NoEN 198, Raasjøen , NoGN ii, 393), with OE  'lake' (v. Kilnsea supra 15), though medial e in some of the spellings may present some difficulty. 'Lake which contains decayed matter or refuse.' As at other places the carrs have been drained and the pool no longer exists.

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