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Early-attested site in the Parish of Hutton Cranswick

Historical Forms

  • Cranzuic, Cranzvic 1086 DB
  • Cranzwic 1200–16 YCh1265
  • Crancewic, Crancewik(e) 12th YD t.John AddCh 13th YD 1202 FF 1219 Ass
  • Crankewic, Cranchewic 1166 P
  • Crantewich 1193 P
  • Cranewich' 1194 P
  • Cranswic 1228 Pat
  • Cransewic 1231 Ass
  • Crauncewik(e), Crauncewyk(e) 1235–49 Melsa 1280 Ass 1492 FF
  • Craunzwyk 1279 YI
  • Grancewik 1260 Baildon
  • Crannsewyke 1356 FF
  • Craneswi(c)ke 1542 NCWills 1563 FF


The etymology of the first element is obscure, but it should be noted that the regular medial ce probably represents ts , possibly ks , and this is confirmed by the occasional use of z and s . In the majority of ERY place-names in wic the first element is a pers. name. No pers. name of suitable form is on record, but in view of the various P spellings OE  cranoc 'crane', used as a proper name, is just possible.

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