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Early-attested site in the Parish of Elloughton

Historical Forms

  • Burg(h)o late12th Meaux 1160–80 Melsa 1202 FF
  • Burg 1190–1220 YCh1829
  • Burgh(e) 1239 Ch 1610 Speed
  • Burgh(e) on Humber 1239 Ch
  • Brough 1650 ParlSurv


Brough [bruf] is Burg (h )o late 12thMeaux , 1160–80 Melsa, 1202 FF, Burg 1190–1220 YCh 1829(p), Burgh (e )1239 Chet freq to 1610 Speed, Burgh (e ) on Humber 1239 Ch, Brough 1650 ParlSurv. v. burh 'stronghold.' The place has been identified with the Roman station ad Petuarium , but there is no evidence for it. Extensive Roman remains, however, have been found in a field here called 'The Burrs' now 'Bozzes Field', and it was at Brough that the Roman road through Lincolnshire (Ermine Street) entered the Riding by a ferry and continued to Stamford Bridge (the so-called Humber Street).

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