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Early-attested site in the Parish of Cottingham

Historical Forms

  • Eppelwrth 1349 Ipm
  • Eppelwyth 1353 ib
  • Eppilworth 1408 YI
  • Appulgarth 1408 YI


Eppleworth is Eppelwrth 1349 Ipm, Eppelwyth 1353 ib., Eppilworth 1408 YI. 'Apple wood,' from OScand  epli and viðr. Examination of the MS of the 1349 Ipm has shown that the true reading is Eppelwith and not Epplewrth as printed. This, with the forms for Eppleworth Wood (infra 207), make it certain that the worth form is a late corruption introduced as in other northern place-names (Ravensworth, PN NRY 292, etc.) from the Midlands. A field in this township was called Appulgarth 1408 YI.