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Derringham Dike

Early-attested site in the Parish of Cottingham

Historical Forms

  • Derningamdike 1282 YI
  • Dernynghamdyke 1303 YI
  • Derynghamdyke 1415 YI
  • Darnyngham Dyk 1447 Pat 1462


Derringham Dike (6″) is Derningamdike 1282 YI, Dernynghamdyke 1303 YI, Derynghamdyke 1415 YI, Darnyngham Dyk 1447 (1462) Pat. Derringham may have as its first element a pers. name De (a )rna or De (o )rna , which would be either a nickname 'the sly one' from (Angl. dearne ) OE  dierne 'secret,' or a short name from OE  Dēornōð (found in Darrington, PN WRY 57, cf. also Darlington, PN NbDu 60–1). 'Homestead of Derna and his people,' v. ingaham . The prefixed elements in the different early spellings are from leah , wiella , eng ; Sene - is obscure unless it be for Seue -, from OScand  sef 'sedge.' The prefixing of words of this kind is unusual, but we have another example in Hollows supra 171.