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St Giles Croft, Gillycroft

Early-attested site in the Parish of Beverley

Historical Forms

  • croftum Sancti Egidii 1407 BevDoc
  • Seintgilicroft 1413 YD
  • Gelicroft 1439 HMC(Bev)
  • Seyntgelicroft 1449 ib
  • St Gyles Crofts 1668 BevRec
  • Far St Gyles Croft, Hither St Gyles Croft 1706 BevRent


St Giles Croft, Gillycroft (6″) is croftum Sancti Egidii 1407 BevDoc, Seintgilicroft 1413 YD, Gelicroft 1439 HMC(Bev), Seyntgelicroft 1449 ib., St Gyles Crofts 1668 BevRec, Far St Gyles Croft , Hither St Gyles Croft 1706BevRent . A field which belonged to the Hospital of St Giles, v. supra 197 and croft . Cf. also Sayntgilyenge 1417 BevAct, the manor of Sayncte Gyles 1582 FF.