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Early-attested site in the Parish of Beverley

Historical Forms

  • Fegang 1284etfreqto1536 HMC(Bev) 1405,1435 BevDoc 1577 BevRec
  • le Fegang 1407 BevDoc
  • Figham 1660 BevRec
  • Figholme c.1678 ib


Figham (6″) is Fegang 1284et freq to 1536 HMC(Bev), 1405, 1435 BevDocet freq to 1577 BevRec, le Fegang 1407 BevDoc, Figham 1660 BevRec, Figholme c. 1678 ib. 'Cattle track,' from OScand  'cattle' and OE , OScand  gang 'track, path' (cf. Summergangs supra 39). Fægang 'cattle-track' is a common Dan term and, as noted by Dr Knudsen, often occurs in Dan place-names.