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Winterborne Whitchurch, Winterborne Whitechurch

Major Settlement in the Parish of Winterborne Whitchurch

Historical Forms

  • ?Wintreburne 1086 DB
  • Winterburn' 1200 Cur
  • Winterburn Albi Monasterii 1201 FF 1299 MiltRoll e15
  • Winterburn' Blancmustier 1212 P
  • Winterburn and Blauncmuster 1249 FF
  • Wynterburn Bla(u)ncmuster, Winterburn Bla(u)ncmuster,Winterborn Bla(u)ncmuster 1253,1256 FF
  • Winterborn Blaun(c)mynstre, Winterborn Blaun(c)minstre 1275,1276 Banco
  • Winterborn Blauncmusters 1280 Ch
  • Winterborn Blaumuster, Winterborn Blauncmoster 1303 FA
  • vill' de Blanckmuster 1288 Ass
  • Winterborn' Rocheford' 1242–3 Fees
  • Wynterborn' (et) Wytecherch(e) 1268 Ass
  • Wynterburne Whyt(e)chirch(e), Wynterbo(u)rn(e) Whyt(e)chirch(e) 1288 1294 Cl
  • Wynterbo(u)rn(e) W(h)ytchurch(e), Wynterbo(u)rn(e) Whitchurch(e) 1288 Ass
  • Wynterbo(u)rn(e) Withcherche 1331 Ipm
  • Wynt(o)urbo(u)rn(e) 1399 Cl 1428 FA
  • Wynturburne Whitchirche, Wynt(o)urbo(u)rn(e) Whitchyrche 1428 1497 Ipm
  • Winterburn and Witchirch 1294 Misc
  • Wycchirch 1291 Tax
  • Whitchirche 1294 Cl
  • W(h)ytchurch(e), Whit(e)church(e) 1316 FA 1575 PlR
  • Whitechurch Winterborne 1795 Boswell


Named from R. Winterborne, cf. Winterborne Z. par. supra .For the possible DB identification, v. Eyton 121–2, DBGazetteer 129, cf. VCHDo 3135. The affix means 'white church', from OE  hwīt and cirice , alternating with Lat  albus and monasterium , OFr  blanc and moustier ; the name is a common one (cf. Bk 86, O 63, etc) and possibly denotes a church built of stone (as distinct from a wooden one), cf. Whitchurch C. par. infra , EPN 1 273. The affix –Rocheford ' is from the family of this name which held a manor here from the 13th-15th centuries (Hutch3 1196–7), cf. John de Rocheford 1294 Cl, 1319 FF, 1340 NI, John de Rogeford 1316 FA, etc. Other forms which possibly belong to (manors in) this par. are Winterburne Gurewambe a1165, c. 1165 (both p1305) MontC (for the identification, v. T. Bond, DoNHAS 11146) and Wynterburne Leton '1288Ass ; the affix -Gurewambe is no doubt manorial, although no family of this name has been noted here; -Leton ' is probably OE  lēac-tūn 'leek enclosure', or, if manorial, a surname from a p.n. of this origin.