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Coking Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of West Stour

Historical Forms

  • Cokeynecroft 1315 Banco
  • Coking 1811 OS
  • Lt Cokin(g), Cokin(g) Md, Cokin(g) Strap 1842 TA
  • Cockan Fm 1869 Hutch3


Coking Fm (ST 762215), Cokeynecroft 1315 Banco (Drew), Coking 1811 OS, Lt Cokin (g ), Cokin (g ) Md , Cokin (g ) Strap 1842TA , Cockan Fm 1869 Hutch3, cf. also Coken 1839TA (Fifehead M.), probably from ME  cokaygne 'imaginary land of abundance and bliss', no doubt used in a jocular or ironical sense, cf. 112 and Cockaynes Ess 325, v. croft , strap ; the farm is in the extreme SW corner of the par., remote from the village, and in the flood plain of R. Cale.