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Frogmore Dairy Ho

Early-attested site in the Parish of Toller Porcorum

Historical Forms

  • Frogmore Dairy Ho 1843 TA
  • Froggemore 1236 FF 1268 Ass 1327 SR 1360 Cl 1586 Hutch3
  • Frogmor(e) 1332 SR 1340 NI Eliz ChancP 1811 OS
  • Frogmere 1455 FF
  • Frogmer 1486 Ipm


Frogmore Dairy Ho (SY 564975), Frogmore Dairy Ho 1843TA , Froggemore 1236 FF, 1268Ass (p), 1327 SR (p), 1360 Cl, 1586 Hutch3, Frogmor (e )1332 SR (p), 1340 NI (p), Eliz ChancP, 1811 OS, Frogmere 1455 FF, Frogmer 1486 Ipm, cf. Frogmore Hill & Frogmore House , Frogmore Water Md 1843TA , probably, in view of the early -more spellings, 'marshy ground frequented by frogs', v. frogga , mōr , cf. Frogmore Fm & Frogmore Hill in Chideock par. infra and Frogmore Fm in Six. Handley par. 3 114 (where the second el. is mere 1 'pool', note the 15th-cent. -mer (e ) spellings for this name). It lies between R. Hooke and a tributary which is crossed by Frogmore Lane.