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Major Settlement in the Parish of Stockland

Historical Forms

  • Stokelonde 843 BCS739(S391)
  • Ertacomestoche 1086 DB
  • Ertacomestoca Exon
  • Stocland(e) 1202 Abbr 1219 FF 1285 FA
  • Stoclaund(e) 1244 1268 Ass 1280 Ch
  • Stoclond(e) 1268 Ass 1273 Banco 1335 Hutch3
  • Stokland(') 1244 Ass 1273 Banco 1311 Pat 1316 FA
  • Stoklaund(') 1244 Ass 1288 ib
  • Stoklond(e) 1244 Ass 1252 Ch 1447 Pat
  • Stokeland 1212 Fees 1310 Inqaqd 1351 Pat
  • Stokelond(e) 1291 Tax 1456 Pat
  • Stok'lond' 1268 Ass
  • Stock(e)lond(e) 1288 Ass 1447 Pat
  • Stockland N. & Stockland S. 1795 Boswell


'Estate or tract of cultivated land at a dependent settlement or outlying farmstead', from stoc and land . The sense suggested for the apparently analogous Stockland in Sherborne par. 3 370 ('estate or tract of land belonging to a religious foundation') is probably not appropriate here, in spite of the early possession of this manor (specifically described in the DB entry as 'always part of the monks' lordship for their supplies and clothing') by Milton Abbey. Indeed the correct sense of stoc here is confirmed by the DB form, which means 'settlement dependent on Yarcombe, outlying farmstead belonging to Yarcombe': this Devon par. ('valley of the R. Yarty', PN D 651) borders on Stockwood to the N. It is thus significant that in the eME version of the Anglo-Saxon charter (S 391), which lists estates granted by King Athelstan to Milton Abbey, the 10–hide unit of land (as in DB) apud Stokelonde (as cited above in the Latin version of the charter) is replaced by at Ercecombe . to tymberlonde 'at Yarcombe as land for the supply of timber'.

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