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Stanton St Gabriel

Major Settlement in the Parish of Stanton St Gabriel

Historical Forms

  • Stantone 1086 DB 1240 Sarum
  • Stanton' 1280 Ass
  • Staunton(') 1268 Ass 1280 ib
  • Staunton(')juxta Whytechurch 1282 Drew 1288 Ass 1546 Ct
  • Stanton Oydrock (sic, probably for Cydiock) 1277 Banco
  • Staunton Pyk' 1357 Arundell
  • Staunton Gabriell 1434 FF Eliz ChancP
  • Staunton Gabriel 1465 IpmR
  • Stawnton' Gabriell 1576 Poul
  • Stanton-Gabriel 1774 Hutch1
  • Stanton St Gabriel 1811 OS
  • Gabriells Tithing 1664 HTax


'Stone farmstead', that is either 'stone-built farmstead' or 'farmstead on stony ground', v. stān , tūn . The current affix is from the dedication of the church here, v. St Gabriel's Church (in ruins) infra . The 13th-cent. form Stanton Oydrock , confirmed as belonging here by Drew, is almost certainly a misreading for Stanton Cydiock , a reference to Chideock which borders Stanton on the E (both places having been anciently within Whitchurch C. par.). The 14th-cent. affix Pyk ' is manorial, cf. Thomas Pike , lord of the manor in 1464 Hutch3 2265. The tithing of Stanton is Gabriells Tithing 1664 HTax, cf. also Gabrielleslane in Chideock par. supra .