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Early-attested site in the Parish of Frome St Quintin

Historical Forms

  • Cheldewell' 1205 Cur
  • Chaldewell 1412 FA
  • Caldwel or Ailwel 1774 Hutch1(1504)
  • Cauldwell, or Ailwell 1795 Boswell
  • Ailwel(l) 1811 OS
  • Holywell 1839 TAMap
  • Caldwell or Ailwell or Oileywell 1863 Hutch3(2645)
  • de la Putte 1268 FF
  • atte Putte of Wollecoumbe 1314 Pat
  • atte Putte 1327,1332 SR


The cross-roads at Holywell, where an E-W route from Minterne M. to Evershot (also forming the Melbury B.-Frome St Q. par. bdy) crosses Long Ash Lane (the Dorchester-Ilchester Roman road) is (probably correctly) identified by C. D. Drew (in Roscoe 33) as the site of Puttes staple (magnum chiminum usque Puttes staple )1270For (1r), a point in the bounds of Blackmoor Forest (3 274) between Staweyesfote (v. High Stoy in Minterne M. par. supra ) and Stokwode (v. Stockwood par. infra ), v. also Hutch3 4 79. This is from OE  stapol 'a post, a pillar of wood or stone', here no doubt marking the forest (and par.) bdy. The first el. is OE  pytt 'pit', either the word itself or the surname derived from it: in either case it is to be associated with Robert de la Putte 1268 FF (held land in Vlecumb ), Robert atte Putte of Wollecoumbe 1314 Pat, Hugh atte Putte 1327, 1332 SR (taxed in Melbury B.), Hugh de la Putte (a juror in Melbury B.), v. Woolcombe in Melbury B. par. supra (just to the N of Holywell).