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Trill Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Fifehead Magdalen

Historical Forms

  • Trill Bridge 1791 Boswell 1811 OS
  • de Trul 1268 Ass
  • de Tril 1316 AD
  • Tril 1327 SR
  • Trul 1327 ib
  • de Tryl 1332 SR 1335 For
  • de Tril 1338 ib


Trill Bridge (ST 790206), Trill Bridge 1791 Boswell, 1811 OS, Tryllebrigge 1492, Tryllebryge 1525 AcctStAug, cf. Trelmyll 1492 ib, Trill Field 1686DRO , Trill Bar 1826 Gre, and the f.ns. (Poor ) Trill , Trill Mdw 1839TA in this par. as well as f.ns. in Stour P. and Marnhull pars. both infra , v. brycg , myln .This name is probably to be associated with the surnames of Robert de Trul 1268Ass , Walter de Tril 1316AD (Marnhull), William Tril 1327SR (this par.), Walter Trul 1327ib , Walter de Tryl 1332 SR (Marnhull), 1335For , Walter de Tril 1338ib . Trill Bridge itself is on R. Stour, but Trill /Trul may originally have been the name of the small stream (now unnamed) which rises E of Stour P., forming the Marnhull- Stour P. par. bdy (cf. lacum inter Marnehull et Stower 1570KCC ) and joining R. Stour just below Trill Bridge. The same stream-name, which may be from OE  *tyrl 'that which turns or rolls along', is common in the SW and occurs elsewhere in Do, v. Trill Fm in Beer Hackett par. infra , Darknoll Brook in RNs. infra , cf. Ekwall RN 409, 418.