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Hartgrove (Fm)

Early-attested site in the Parish of East Orchard

Historical Forms

  • Haregrave Hy1 ShaftR 15 FF 1254 Glyn 1450,1500,1505
  • Haregrove 1450 ib
  • Hargrave c.1500 Eg c.1560,1576 Glyn
  • Hargrove 1535 VE 1576 Glyn 1648 SC 1699 Glyn 1869 Hutch3
  • Hargroue 1618 Map
  • Hargrowe 1664 HTax
  • Harregraue 1268 Ass
  • Hardgrove 1395 MiltRoll e15
  • Hartgrove 1698 Glyn 1795 Boswell 1811 OS
  • Hartgrove otherwise East Orchard 1846 TA


The second el. is grāf(a) 'grove, copse', the first may be hara (gen.sg. haran ) 'hare' or hār 2 (wk.obl. hāran ) 'hoar, grey' (perhaps used in a transferred sense 'boundary', the place being on the par. bdy with Fontmell M.). The former church or chapel here (recently rebuilt in 1869 Hutch3, site marked 6″) is mentioned as 'the church of Haregrave 'n.d. (15) ShaftR (Hutch3 3537), East Orchard commonly called Hargrove chapel 1650 Hutch3, cf. The Chapelry of East Orchard , or Hargrove East Orchard 1869 ib, Church Lane infra . It will be noted that the intrusive dental consonant (d , t ) only appears at a comparatively late date.