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Whiteway Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Church Knowle

Historical Forms

  • Whiteway Fm 1844 TA
  • Wytewcyhe (sic) 1291 Tax
  • Wytewaye 14 Mansel
  • Whyteweye 1290 Pat 1329 Hutch3
  • Whiteweye 1329 Pat
  • Purbyke Whytwey, Whytwey (iuxta Bradlee) in Porbyke, Whytwey (iuxta Bradlee) in Purbyke, (Est)whyt(e)wey, Estwytewea p1483 Sheen
  • Estwytway 1544 Hutch3
  • E. Whitwaye c.1586 Tres
  • East Whiteway 1795 Boswell


Whiteway Fm (SY 924813), Whiteway Fm 1844TA , Wyteweye 1284 Banco Est Wyteweye , 1285 FA (p), 14 Mansel, Wytewcyhe (sic)1291 Tax, Wytewaye 14 Mansel, Whyteweye 1290 Pat, 1329 Hutch3, Whiteweye 1329 Pat, Purbyke Whytwey , Whytwey (iuxta Bradlee ) in Porbyke , Whytwey (iuxta Bradlee ) in Purbyke , (Est )whyt (e )wey , Estwytewea p1483Sheen , Estwytway 1544 Hutch3, E. Whitwaye c. 1586 Tres, East Whiteway 1795 Boswell, cf. Whiteway Hill 1844TA , 'white way', v. hwīt , weg , taking its name from 'the conspicuous white way or road leading over the chalk hill. This road is very ancient, as is evident from the great depth of the banks on each side' (Hutch3 1589), cf. Barnston Cross Rds supra . East to distinguish it from Whiteway (earlier West Whiteway ) in Tyneham par. infra , and cf. Isle of Purbeck and Bradle supra . In p1483Sheen , besides the forms cited above, Whiteway is once (f. 43) represented by the curious form Hyntwey , apparently an error or nonce formation influenced by the name of the grantor Mary de Hynneton (= Hinton Martell or Parva par. infra ), but cf. hynt 'a road'.