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Barnston Cross Rds, Barnston Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Church Knowle

Historical Forms

  • Bernestun l13 Hutch3
  • Berneston(e) 1288 Ass 1328 FF 1332 SR l14 Mansel
  • Bernyston in Purbeck 1553 Mansel
  • Barneston 1375 1563 Mansel
  • Barneston in Purbik 1427 Weld1
  • Barnyston 1401,1554 Hutch3
  • Barnston c.1586 Tres
  • Barnston Fm 1844 TA
  • Barnson 1826 Gre
  • 'the King's highway leading towards Wareham' l13 Hutch3
  • la Port(e)wey(e) 14 Mansel
  • via…versus Berneston m14 Mansel


Barnston Cross Rds, Barnston Fm (SY 931816), Bernestun l13 Hutch3, Berneston (e )1288Ass , 1328 FF, 1332 SR (p)et freq to l14Mansel , Bernyston in Purbeck 1553 Mansel, Barneston 1375 ibet freq to 1563Mansel , Barneston in Purbik 1427Weld 1, Barnyston 1401, 1554 Hutch3, Barnston c. 1586 Tres et passim , Barnston Fm 1844TA , Barnson 1826 Gre, 'Beorn's farm', from the OE  pers.n. Beorn and tūn , cf. Isle of Purbeck supra . Be (o )rn is named as the tenant TRE of this manor, then called Cnolle , Canolla (forms included under Church Knowle supra ), in 1086 DB (VCHDo 396), cf. also Beorn faber n.d. (15) ShaftR (f. 62).Barnston Cross Rds are where the road N to Wareham, called 'the King 's highway leading towards Wareham 'l13 Hutch3 (possibly also referred to in la Port (e )wey (e )14 Mansel, 'road leading to a market town', v. port-weg), crosses the E-W road from Church Knowle to Steeple, called viaversus Berneston m14Mansel , this being the 'white way' which gave its name to Whiteway Fm infra . Barnston farm house ('remains of Manor House' 6″) dates from Ed 3.