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Hayward Bridge, Hayward Lane

Early-attested site in the Parish of Child Okeford

Historical Forms

  • pontem de Hayford 1268 Ass 1270 For 1280
  • 'Hayford Bridge' 1270 Hutch3
  • pontem de Heyford 1280 QW
  • Haifordesbrigge 1337 DorR
  • Hayward ys Brygge 1494 Cecil
  • Eyford Bridge c.1540 Leland
  • Heward Bridge, Hewood Bridge, Hewood Bredge 1584 Hen2
  • Hayford Bridge 1618 Map
  • Heyford Bridge 1620 Hutch3
  • Hayward-Bridge 1774 Hutch1
  • Ha(y)ward Bridge 1870 Hutch3


Hayward Bridge (ST 824121), Hayward Lane, pontem de Hayford 1268Ass , 1270For , 1280Ass , QW, 'Hayford Bridge '1270 Hutch3, pontem de Heyford 1280 QW, Haifordesbrigge 1337 DorR, Hayward ys Brygge 1494Cecil , Eyford Bridge c.1540 Leland, Heward Bridge , Hewood Bridge , Hewood Bredge 1584 Hen2, Hayford Bridge 1618Map , Heyford Bridge 1620 Hutch3, Hayward -Bridge 1774 Hutch1, Ha (y )ward Bridge 1870 Hutch3, 'hay ford', i.e. 'ford used at haymaking time', from hēg and ford , with brycg , cf. Heyford O 218. The road from Child Okeford to Shillingstone (Hayward Lane) crosses R. Stour here. The confusion of the name with ME  hayward (< OE  hege-weard 'hedge keeper') is first evident in the form from 1494. There is no support for the supposition in Hutch3 4 79 that the bridge was earlier called Haydon Bridge .