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Eggardon Hill, North Eggardon Fm & South Eggardon Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Askerswell

Historical Forms

  • Jekeresdon' 1204 Cur
  • Ekeresdon 1258 For
  • Yekersdon' (p), vill' de Ekeresdone, super montem de Ecresdone 1268 Ass
  • Ekerdon(') 1244 Ass 1264 FF 1301 Brid 1310 Inqaqd 1311 Pat 1332 SR
  • North Ekerdon(') 1348 FF 1422 Pat
  • Ekerton(') 1268,1288 Ass 1375 IpmR
  • Ekerdun 1285 FA
  • Ekerdoun 1403 Cl
  • hamelet' de Suthecredon cum bosc' vill' de North Ecredon, portam castelli de Ecredon 1300 Hutch3
  • Egerdon(e) 1316 Brid 1357,1364 FF
  • Egredon 1348 Pat 1449 Cl
  • Egreton 1364 Cl
  • Egerdon Hill 1615 DuCo
  • Eggardon 1811 OS
  • Eggerton Hill 1839 TA(Powerstock)
  • Eggarton Castle or Coney Grey 1839 TA(LittonCh.)
  • Oggardon Eliz ChancP
  • North-Eggardon or Higher Eggardon 1774 Hutch1
  • North Eggerton 1795 Boswell
  • North Eggardon 1811 OS
  • Higher Eggardon 1939 Kelly
  • South Egardon 1609 Hutch3
  • South Eggerdon 1774 Hutch1
  • South Eggardon or Eggerton 1795 Boswell
  • South Eggardon 1811 OS
  • Lower Eggerdon Fm 1845 TA


Probably 'Eohhere's hill', from dūn and an OE  masc. pers.n. *Eohhere (corresponding to ON  Ióarr ), as suggested by Ekwall DEPN for this name and for Exbury Ha. The magnificent Iron-Age hillfort here (RCHM 1 13–15) lies partly in this par., partly in Powerstock par., on a chalk promontory at over 800′. The hill and hillfort give their name to Eggardon hundred q. v. supra for more early spellings including that found in DB. Watts CDEPN s.n. speculates interestingly that in view of the prominence of Eggardon Hill as a hillfort, the pers.n. Eohhere may be that 'of an unknown mythical figure, perhaps connected with OE  ġeocor “full of hardship” related to Gothic *jiuka “anger” < IE  *yewĝ - “be stirred up”, *yewdh - “move vigorously, battle”, Sanskrit yudhmá - “warrior”'. Castle (earlier castellum ) refers to the hillfort, Coney Grey is from coninger 'rabbit-warren'.

North and South Eggardon are first mentioned in 1300 Hutch3 (spellings cited above). North Eggardon is North -Eggardon or Higher Eggardon 1774 Hutch1, North Eggerton 1795 Boswell, North Eggardon 1811 OS, Higher Eggardon 1939 Kelly. South Eggardon is South Egardon 1609 Hutch3, South Eggerdon 1774 Hutch1, South Eggardon or Eggerton 1795 Boswell, South Eggardon 1811 OS, Lower Eggerdon Fm 1845TA . The hill at Eggardon also gives name to Hull (lost, 1811 OS), presumably a farm, in Powerstock par. infra .