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Early-attested site in the Parish of Halberton

Historical Forms

  • Selac 1086 DB
  • Selak 1303 FA
  • Sellak 1346 FA
  • Seglak(e) 1175 P 1249 Ass 1269 FF
  • Seghlak' 1242 Fees786
  • Seilake 1316 FA
  • Seilake juxta Halberton 1420 IpmR
  • Seyllake juxta Halberton 1338 FF


The first element is probably an unrecorded OE  adjective sǣge connected with sīgan , 'to fall, move, drip,' cf. Ekwall RN 284s. n. Medesing. The whole name would refer to a slowly moving or sluggish streamlet, v. lacu and cf. Seabrook supra 455.