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Early-attested site in the Parish of Cookbury

Historical Forms

  • Faklefeld 1238 Ass
  • Fagelefenne 1242 Fees788
  • Faggelefeld 1244 Ass
  • Faglefeld 1303 FA
  • Faghelesfeld 1244 Ass
  • Fagelefeld 1311 Exon
  • Fagilfeld 1340 Ass
  • Faggalesfeld 1346 FA
  • Falighfeld 1428 FA


Blomé (141) suggests that the first element is a metathesised form of OE  fealh, ME  falegh , 'fallow,' but such metathesis, even if it were possible, could not yield Fakle - or Fagele -. More probably it is the diminutive Fæccela of the pers. name Facca found in Faccombe (Ha), Faccancumb Thorpe 534, and Faccanlea (Wa), BCS 1232. Cf. Fache in the Selby Cartulary i, 205, 224 (13th) and OGer  Facho , Fachil (o ) (Förstemann PN 493). Intervocalic k is often voiced to g .

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