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Major Settlement in the Parish of Distington

Historical Forms

  • Distingtona a.1230 HolmC
  • Distington, Distyngton 1256 FF
  • Distinton 1256 FF 1292 Ass
  • Distincton 1294 Cl c.1305 StB
  • Distynton' 1342 FF
  • Dustinton c.1230,1295 StB
  • Dustyngton 1291 Tax
  • Dustincton' 1292 Ass
  • Drisington 1291 Tax
  • Dissington 1671 Fleming 1761 Work 1797 PR(Skelton)


No satisfactory explanation of this name can be offered. The forms suggest very strongly that the name is an OE compound ending in -ingtūn, and the series, as a whole, is definitely against the suggestion (DEPN) that the first element may be an OE  adjective *dysten , 'dusty.'All that can at present be said is that the name is a survival from the Old Anglian nomenclature of the north-west, and that its original form appears to have been Dystingtūn .