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Dunmallard Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Dacre

Historical Forms

  • Dunmalloght 1307 Pat
  • Dunmallet 1380 TestKarl 1604 LRMB
  • Donmallett 1609 ib
  • Dunmallok 1329,1485 Ipm
  • Dummallock 1568 LRMB
  • Dummallert 1609 LRMB
  • Dunmallard 1625 Ct
  • Dunmallart 1650 ParlSurv
  • Dunmalled al. Dunmallock, Dunmallet al. Dunmallard 1634 DKRxxxix


Professor Jackson suggests, rather doubtfully, Gaelic  Dún Mallacht , 'the fort of curses'; cf. Cnoc an Air , 'the hill of the slaughter.' Such place-names, referring to some battle or tragedy, do occur.