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Naworth Castle

Early-attested site in the Parish of Brampton

Historical Forms

  • Naward early14th GoughMap 1777 NB
  • castrum de Naward 1365 Laner
  • Naward Castle 1589 ExchKR
  • Naworthe 1323 Scotland 1534 LP
  • Naworth Castle 1589 ExchKR 1598 Border
  • Nawart Castle 1597 Border
  • Noward (Castle) 1628 Naworth 1640 CW(OS)x 1684 ib
  • Naward Parke, Naworth Parke 1589 ExchKR


Prof. Ekwall suggests for the first element OE  nearu 'narrow place' or 'strait, difficulty,' for the second OE  w(e)ard, 'stronghold.'