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Early-attested site in the Parish of Above Derwent

Historical Forms

  • Huseker c.1160,c.1270 Fountains
  • Husaker c.1160 Fountains
  • Husacre 1231 FF 1578 Cocker
  • Hosakre 1283 MinAcct
  • Usakredale 1369 Ipm
  • Usaker 1563 PR(Crosth)
  • Usayker(e) 1566,1567 ib
  • Usseker 1600 ib
  • Hussaker 1565 PR(Crosth)


Apparently a compound of OE  hūs, 'house,' and æcer, which here may have the general sense of tillage or cultivated land. The name probably arose to denote a patch of cultivation adjacent to an isolated farmstead.