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Oxcroft Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of West Wratting

Historical Forms

  • Ox(e)croft(e) 1218 SR 1426 Cl
  • aula Ox(e)croft(e) c.1250 ElyM
  • Ox(e)croft by Balesham 1324 Pat
  • Ox(e)croft Halle 1355 Ipm
  • Execroft 1346 FA
  • Os(e)crofthalle 1371,1385 Pat
  • Oxcroftehall al. Ox(e)wyckhall, Oxcroftehall al. Ox(e)wickehall 1572,1597 Bodl
  • Fosters al. Oxcrofthall ib.
  • Foster t.Ed3 Bodl


Oxcroft Fm (6″) is Ox (e )croft (e )1218SR et freq to 1426 Cl, aula Ox (e )croft (e )c. 1250ElyM , Ox (e )croft by Balesham 1324 Pat, Ox (e )croft Halle 1355 Ipm, Execroft 1346 FA, Os (e )crofthalle 1371, 1385 Pat, Oxcroftehall al. Ox(e)wyckhall , Oxcroftehall al. Ox (e )wickehall 1572, 1597Bodl , Fosters al. Oxcrofthall ib.v. oxa , croft .Fosters from the family of John Foster (t. Ed 3Bodl ).