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Steeple Claydon

Major Settlement in the Parish of Steeple Claydon

Historical Forms

  • Claindone 1086 DB
  • Cleindon 1200 Cur c.1215 WellsR
  • Clendon 1200 Cur c.1215 WellsR 1219 Bract
  • Stepelclaendon c.1218 WellsL
  • Stepel Cleydon c.1220 WellsR 1242 Fees871 1247 Ass 1255 For 1262 Ass 1284 FA 1357 Pat
  • Cleidon 1235 Fees465
  • Claydon 1235 Fees556
  • Stepelcleyndon 1275 Ipm
  • Stepul Cleydon 1286 ADi
  • Stepulclaydone 1356 FA c.1433 BM
  • Clayndon al. Cleydon 1297 Ipm
  • Cleyndon 1298 Fine
  • Cleydon 1299 Fine
  • Stupelcleydon 1315 Fine
  • Stuble Claydon 1541 LP


OE  clǣgigan dūne (dat.), 'clayey hill,' the village standing on the Oxford Clay. For the persistent inflexional n , v. Introd. xxvi.The distinction between the three Claydons by naming one from its steeple or tower must go back to a time when their churches were more definitely distinguished by the height or some other feature of their towers than they are at present.For Stupel v. Introd. xxiii.

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