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Lamua Hundred

Hundred in the County of Buckinghamshire

Historical Forms

  • Lammva 1086 DB
  • Lammve 1086 DB
  • Lamva 1086 DB
  • la Muwe 1232 Fees 1302 FA
  • la Mue 1241,1247 Ass
  • Muwe 1262 Ass
  • Lamuhe 1284 FA
  • la Mewe 1316 FA
  • Moue 1346 FA


The site of the Hundred meeting-place is traditionally in Park Meadow, in Steeple Claydon, on the north side of the road from Winslow and Middle Claydon (L. iii. 81). In Lipscomb's days some obscure indications of ditches or earthworks were still visible. Professor Ekwall suggests that the second element in the name is OE  mūga, 'mow , heap,' pointing to some artificial mound or other structure marking the meeting-place—a very apt solution. The first is the definite article, the name being Normanised in official use. Steeple Claydon stands on a well- marked hill and forms a good centre for the whole Hundred.