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Wyld Fm, Wyld Court Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hampstead Norris

Historical Forms

  • Wille 1086 DB
  • La Wile 1199 HunterFines 1247–8 FF
  • Wyl 1220 Fees
  • La Wyle 1242–3 1428 FA
  • Wyle 1284 Ass 1294 SR
  • Wile 1410 Fine
  • Wilde 1517 DInc
  • Wild Court 1761 Rocque


Wyld Fm, Wyld Court Fm, Wille 1086 DB, La Wile 1199 Hunter Fines, 1247–8FF (p), Wyl 1220 Fees, La Wyle 1242–3 ibet freq to 1428 FA, Wyle 1284Ass , 1294SR , Wile 1410 Fine, Wilde 1517 D Inc, Wild Court 1761 Rocque, identical with Monkton Wyld in Do (Do 300). Ekwall (DEPN) suggests that the source is OE  wīl 'trick', used of some mechanical contrivance. The addition of a parasitic -d after -l is common. The manor is wrongly identified in VCH (i, 357 and iv, 75) with Well House in this parish.