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Early-attested site in the Parish of Hampstead Norris

Historical Forms

  • Bodeha'sted' 1199 Cur
  • Bodenhampstede 1317 Ch
  • Bodemhamstede 1335 ib
  • Botelhamested' 1237 Cl
  • Botenhamsted' 1241 Ass
  • Botenhampstede 1284 1328,1349 Ipm
  • Botenhamstede 1338,1349 ib
  • Botenhampsted 1345 Cl
  • Bottenamstede 1391 ib
  • Bottom Hampsted 1593–7 AD
  • Bottompstead Green 1761 Rocque
  • Bottomstead 1830 OS


'Homestead in a valley', v. botm , hāmstede . DEPN discusses the name under the spelling Bottomstead, but the modern O.S. maps give Bothampstead. Bothampstead Fm (GR 505762) is on a flat shelf of land, not in a valley or hollow. The farm marked Trumpetts on 1″ map but Little Bothampstead on 2½″, about ½ mile south-east of Bothampstead Fm, is in a situation which suits the p.n. There is also Lower Bothampstead Fm, on the same shelf of land as Bothampstead Fm.