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Wicklesham Copse, Wickleshamlodge Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Great Faringdon

Historical Forms

  • Wikingesham 1247–8 Ass
  • Wykyngesham 1342 InqMisc 1363,1364 AD 1375 Ipm 1376 Pat
  • Wykyng(g)esham 1342 Cl
  • Wyngyngesham 1399 Fine
  • Wekynysham 1436 ib
  • Wekynshame 1437 ib
  • Wikens ham hedge 1551 LRMB
  • de Wikingesham 1191 P


Wicklesham Copse, Wickleshamlodge Fm, Wikingesham 1247–8Ass , Wykyngesham 1342 InqMisc, 1363, 1364 AD, 1375 Ipm, 1376 Pat, Wykyng (g )esham 1342 Cl, Wyngyngesham 1399 Fine, Wekynysham 1436 ib, Wekynshame 1437 ib, Wikens ham hedge 1551LRMB .Willelmus de Wikingesham 1191 P in Nf may have come from here.Probably 'Wīcing's enclosure' from l. OE  Wīcing (ON  Víkingr ) and hamm. The pers.n. is too late for the second el. to be hām . Wickleshamlodge Fm is on the slope of a hill rising from a rather steep stream-valley, in the bottom of which there could have been some meadow; but it is certainly not a typical 'river-meadow' site like that of the nearby Fernham 371, so hamm may mean 'enclosure in marginal land', v. Pt 1262–3. For the pers.n. cf. Wiking of Traue who witnesses a Lambourn document c. 1090, v. 336. Wigston Magna Lei also contains Wīcing .